Real Life

Ok, autism just creeped up on me again. Why do I say it creeped up on me? My son, who is four, is screaming because he is so tired. My oldest is a night owl and crawls out of bed for theater camp today. She crawls to the table to eat her breakfast and fumbles through the yogurt, the milk and of course vitamins. My daughter struggles with a severe allergy of dust mites. Yes, she takes vitamins because if she didn’t her immune system would bottom out. Ok, back to autism creeping up on me. All of a sudden, my daughter drops her yogurt and splat on the floor goes the yogurt plopping on her foot and the wall.  My daughter lets out a scream, and my son with autism starts screaming. He gets so scared when his siblings get upset that he stomped his feet and ran to his room.  When he gets that way, I feel alone. I’m sure he feels alone too. I know, this isn’t too funny or sarcastic. But it is real life.

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