Hey, Hey Autism is not a dirty word…

On a regular day I did an ordinary errand that entailed shopping.  I took my son with me, and I walked through the store cautiously. Anything can happen in the unpredictable world of autism.  The store is a big place with lots of different sounds, colors, and shapes of the unknown.

Here we are walking through the store and immediately the stares begin. My son starts screaming and crying because he wants a pair of shoes. If I buy something for myself, my son also wants it too. Reasoning why he can’t have an item isn’t part of his vocabulary.  The why of life isn’t in his mind set. Now, he is six and very tall. So, when he cries in public he is now stared at. Even though I explain he has autism, it is almost as if I said he has a contagious disease. Some individuals look at him very puzzled in these awkward moments. Autism is puzzling for some or dirty even though it is the most common disorder in our world today.

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