Try Something New:Danny

So, my Dad and I wanted to try something new and bring Danny along. My Dad wanted to go to a pentecostal church.  If anyone knows or is a pentecostal, they worship in a very colorful way.  Now, I am a Catholic and worship is totally different for me.  But, I do believe in the gift of tongues.

So, we walk into church: Danny, my Dad, and me.  It’s loud, and the music starts. Danny says,”It’s too loud.” I am glad I had his headphones because that helped censor the noise for a while.  But when the preacher starting preaching with the emphasized mannerisms, Danny’s autistic brain flipped out and wanted to go home.  I thought,”What was I thinking bringing him here?” But then, when the music started again Danny danced his happy dance and lifted his hands, not even really knowing why he lifted them up.  I believe he felt “Joy.” Of course, after a while, he wanted to go home because it was all very overwhelming.  Lifesavers candy appeased him for a while-donated to us by a kind man seeing Danny become agitated.

Danny shows me sometimes how life should be lived: not in a box even if you have a disability.

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