Well, my son has become fixated on cough drops. If a bag of cough drops is in view, watch out here comes Danny eating the whole bag! Autism is very unpredictable. Everyday is a new day for my son. It is always an adventure.

Does Your Age Affect How You See This Optical Illusion?

Science or Perception

A scientific study was conducted as to how a person sees this optical illusion.

“My Wife and My Mother-in-Law.” Wikimedia Commons

Does your view of the picture depend on your age? The study included 393 participants: 242 males, 141 females.  People over thirty saw the older woman first.  However, those under thirty saw the younger woman first.  Even though this optical illusion shows two images of a younger woman and an older woman, our perception and our cultural bias affects the way it is viewed. Do our perceptions affect the way we view pictures?


Age Affects Perceptions Perception and Illusion

A person who is younger might see the younger the woman because our culture favors the young. A person, who is young, might see the younger person because young people are bombarded with the image of youth.  Also, the youth is given much attention. An older person might see the older woman first in the picture because the viewer might feel older, and the image of the older woman comes to
the foreground.  Perceptions change the older we get.  As people get older, however, cultural biases remain.



If researchers would have taken a larger population of women compared to a man’s view of the picture, would the results be the same?

Men’s Perception?                          

The researchers separated the youngest (10%) and the oldest (10%) of those taken in the survey.  If the total percentage of the population would have been larger, the results could have been different. Also, does gender matter in the viewing of  “My Wife and my Mother- in- Law?” Men’s perception is different from women’s.  Men’s view of youth, which needs more study in science, would be an interesting follow-up.  Conclusively, beauty and youth are in the eye of the beholder.




Growing a living, Functional Heart through Scientific, Powerful Means

Science or Creator or Technology Increase

Science is progressive and never feels hindered by human conditions. Once again, science has shown its power through creating a functional part of the human body.  There is a question that remains from this almost reached miracle: Is it ethical to create a body part in the name of science progression?

Regenerated heartBernhard Jank, MD, Ott Lab, Center for Regenerative Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital via Eurekalert

People are now more than ever needing organ transplants. Since a human body is not a reliable recipient of another person’s organ, scientists have been experimenting with building a heart using stem cells. Some may think research and science are acting in a superpower kind of way. But, in a practical sense, science is only meeting the need of today’s demand or organ transplants.  Pancreatic cancer, for instance, is on the rise, and if science is able to build organs in a simulated environment, the medical field will make great advancements.

Even though 2,500 will receive transplanted hearts only in a year, creating a matrix scaffolding for a heart through the process of decellularization is an intricate process ( Scientists are becoming the creator of body parts, cloning, and defying nature. Is it good, in the name of science and the needs of humanity, to be stronger than nature’s way of forming and creating?

Creating Human Parts

Scientists are adapting human stem cells to build tissue for hearts. They are also using stem cells for cloning. According to an article from “HowStuff,” which was written in 2008, stem cells were introduced in the creating of cloning an organ. Where do these stem cells come from? Embryos, an entity of human life, is being used (even today) for stem cells. Science has truly evolved since then and is experimenting with a patient’s own cells.

Technology Advancement: Biomedical Research

Scientists are able to strip away cells that are not beneficial for the maturation of a healthy heart. However, this is still a challenge to provide enough nutrition for a heart to reach full maturity. Researchers are nearing the edge of this creation because they attempted to simulate and build a matrix for the heart to mature.

Technology is either a scary phenomenon or an avenue toward advancement and change to meet the needs of human beings. Is science moving too rapidly? If organs can be created and survive on the inside of a human with correct immune responses, will scientists one day create a human being? Nature will change as we know it today.



Cristen Conger “Could we clone our organs to be used in a transplant?” 16 September 2008. 21 September 2018


Danny Handles Stress like No Other

My son Danny went to school for the first time today after the Tacoma School District strike.  He was very excited this morning to take the bus.  Something unimaginable happened this morning after boarding the bus. The bus driver got confused and took him to the wrong school.

I was furious when I found out because I thought I am entrusting my son, who has autism, in your care and this is negligence. Danny soon squashed my anger by finding out how he handled this situation. When he finally got back to “his” school, he told everyone in his broken language what happened. He was joyful in his telling and yet scolding them in a humorous way.  Danny handled this stressful situation in the “Danny -style.”

Try Something New:Danny

So, my Dad and I wanted to try something new and bring Danny along. My Dad wanted to go to a pentecostal church.  If anyone knows or is a pentecostal, they worship in a very colorful way.  Now, I am a Catholic and worship is totally different for me.  But, I do believe in the gift of tongues.

So, we walk into church: Danny, my Dad, and me.  It’s loud, and the music starts. Danny says,”It’s too loud.” I am glad I had his headphones because that helped censor the noise for a while.  But when the preacher starting preaching with the emphasized mannerisms, Danny’s autistic brain flipped out and wanted to go home.  I thought,”What was I thinking bringing him here?” But then, when the music started again Danny danced his happy dance and lifted his hands, not even really knowing why he lifted them up.  I believe he felt “Joy.” Of course, after a while, he wanted to go home because it was all very overwhelming.  Lifesavers candy appeased him for a while-donated to us by a kind man seeing Danny become agitated.

Danny shows me sometimes how life should be lived: not in a box even if you have a disability.

All the Little Things Missed

Back to School Night is the important night for any helicopter parent.  I am a helicopter parent. Since I am an army mom and wife, I have learned to be a parent who hovers over their children.  Tonight, I had to step it up and attend Back to School Night without my husband.  “Mom” and “Dad” are wrapped into one around me- being present in my children’s lives. Please don’t think I am a bitter, but it is bitter-sweet living this life without a Dad’s present. My husband always says to our daughter, “I will miss you when you are grown.” In a blink of an eye, she will be all grown up very soon.


Does anyone know why men can’t braid their daughter’s hair or brush hair?  I have one daughter and my husband can’t do anything with our daughter’s hair.  I find it really strange that no Dad can do their daughter’s hair. I almost feel like it’s a secret society with men. “We will pretend we can’t do our daughter’s hair because we don’t want the responsibility of taking care of their hair, ” they say secretly.